Saturday, February 01, 2014

teaching how to teach

Year A - Epiphany 4 or Guiding Gift 4
February 2, 2014

teaching how to teach

We look around and look around
and look around again

how are we to judge that other person
what is our beginning supposition

can we see them as co-heirs
are they more poor than we see

can we understand them to be stregthened
by the losses they have experienced

can we see them as inheriting our fruits
and so we engage to mutually learn humility

can their lights be seen as bending toward justice
with a common goal to us but a different path to walk

can they possibly be as merciful as we are
or are they incapable of receiving forgiveness

can they gaze upon a clear view G*D
while we see the back of their head in our gaze

can they be a peacemaker with those
we cannot yet talk with or have given up on

can they really be persecuted
not just be a victim whiner

can we see them in steadfast light
our peer by whom we are judged

if so so be it
if not pity us

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