Monday, July 07, 2014

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Year A - Pentecost +5 or Community Practice 5
July 13, 2014

What a great day! I think I’ll get me a few rays here on the beach.

Whoa! Where’d all these folks come from?

Hey there, what’s up?

You're hungry for another story? 
Oh, not a bedtime story, but a waking up story. 
Well, OK. 
Let me think.
Try this one. “Once upon a time, a sower went out to sow. . . . Let anyone who wants to wake up, listen. 

Here’s what’s real, there is no guarantee in life, no technique that will work every time. We are messy people in the midst of a messy world. Everything is still developing. Some things work and some don’t. Engage anyway.

Some of your work will go down a dark hole. Some of what you attempt will seem fruitful at first, but fade over time from lack of your own trust in it. Likewise some of your attempts will fade because of external factors out of your control that indicate you sowed at the wrong time or place. And, believe it or not, some of your growth will nurture and be nurtured by others and actually make a difference for now and for generations.

In the midst of uncertainty, engage anyway. This story is has no ending other than your waking up and engaging. So, off you go to practice. Come back again some time to let me know how it went. No matter how dark or faded, some of what you do will be crucially important.

Hmm, not a bad story. A few more rays for energy and it’ll be time for me to practice what I preach.


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