Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Genesis 29:15-28

Year A - Pentecost +7 or Community Practice 7
July 27, 2014

Jacob’s life is like Leah that Laban sowed in Jacob’s life.

The Presence of G*D is like expectation that rises whenever Rachel is thought of. Her grace and beauty leavens all of Jacob’s life.

Tomorrow’s Promise is found and hidden in Today, in Rachel. Jacob invests twice to be with his treasure. He would have done it a third time had that been necessary.

Our Goal is worth the circuitous search for it. When our “Rachel” is found, we gladly sell any time we have to have a moment.

Eventually  every Leah and Rachel enters our life. In their presence we recognize that both are part of our story and we cannot consign any part to a fiery dust-heap of a sanitized history. Everything will be made whole or well again.

Jacob and you and I are in training for Tomorrow. Our gift box of treasures is quite varied. Sometimes we pull out a cautionary tale and sometime one of great unimagined surprise.

Jacob’s life of new and old, tricks that push forward and hold back, rascal children and thoughtful, rolls on in his time and continues to invite us into the kind of intentional and happenstance experiences that make up a life.

Now, how would you identify a key moment in your life and have that be an example or parable of the Presence or Freedom of G*D?

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