Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Psalm 45:10-17

Year A - Pentecost +4 or Community Practice 4
July 6, 2014

Just why this pericope is here may simply be the reference to Tyre. A Roman Catholic tradition ties these sorts of royal psalms to some desired “kingship” for Jesus.

For now you may simply want to go back to consider the yoke image, this time for oxen. Weddings hitch two folks so they are not only still their unique persons but that they have joined in common purpose as well.

The Psalm has folks cheering the newly wedded king and queen to bed that there might be “sons” (yes, patriarchal sons).

What would you have the church cheered on to do in this day and age? Would it have something to do with doing a more effective job of engaging those who are weary and still have many a mile to go with their burden? Can this receive as much partying as a wedding and a first post-marital intercourse?

Care for widows and infants would be a better reason to be famous than simple proliferation of numbers.

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