Friday, July 04, 2014

Romans 7:15-25a

Year A - Pentecost +4 or Community Practice 4
July 6, 2014

First a reference: A Wretched Man: A Novel of Paul the Apostle uses contemporary Pauline studies to look again at Paul. The novel form allows for additional context for key phrases and ideas from Paul.

Second: There is no rule against doing good. While “good” can get one in temporary trouble, its long-term arc is to benefit both oneself and generations to come. Sometimes it only assists others, but that’s good.

Don’t get too dualistic here between spiritual law and fleshy sin. Even G*D has done things that have needed repentance and a resolution to not do that again. Note the interplay between these idealized states and continue the work set out at Pentecost to move from our fear, our wretchedness, and move into a polyglot (some would say sinful) community to better wrestle out how we care for weary ones. Do we give them our yoke or teach them to find their own?

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