Thursday, February 04, 2016

2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2

Year C - Epiphany5/Transfiguration Sunday or Guiding Gift4/Mountain Top to Valley
February 7, 2016

Ya got boldness? What then is your hope?

Got hope? What then is your boldness?

Whether folks are scared of you or have made you invisible to them, you still have agency, freedom, and intentionality to persist in your own growth and gifts.

Finally it is mercy that energizes hope and boldness. A mercy we hope for. A mercy we won’t let go of.

Mercy, even more than truth, guides us into partnership with consciousness and conscience. Give thanks for any and every act of mercy that has come your way. Give thanks for any and every choice you have made to extend mercy beyond yourself. Do you want to define G*D? Ya, ya, you can’t, but, if you could, mercy would come as close as anything can.

Beloved folks are merciful folks for they see belovedness where’er they gaze. May you be boldly hopeful, this and every day, as you receive and extend mercy.

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