Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Isaiah 55:1-9

Year C - Lent3 or Conviction3
February 23, 2016

Seek G*D while G*D is present is a wonderful teaching moment. When is G*D not present? A monotheistic G*D is always on duty and never distracted by the antics of other Gods. So G*D’s presence is always present and available for engaging.

Here the impetus for attending to G*D is that of getting in line as G*D leads a bunny-hop dance. Just forsake your wicked ways then show you have repented by getting in line.

This attempt at getting us all to think greater thoughts by simply mimicking a larger thinker ahead of us has never been knows to work. Our first response is to deny a new larger thought for it is “inconceivable” to us. At best we can mimic an action and come to experience what it means. But asking folks to repent because they aren’t in line is like asking a gardner to cut down a plant before it has been given enough nutrients to have the energy to fruit.

(Oh, for you political junkies out there, we are already far down the line of selling our water to profit-making companies through the usual political shenanigans of denying it has ever crossed their mind and then passing a last-minute legislative act and signing it outside the usual news-cycle. No prior consideration and no subsequent feedback loop—a guarantee of near-future disaster just far enough away to claim plausible deniability of the consequences. If it hasn’t happened where you are yet, watch for this process coming to a legislature where you drink.)

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