Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

Year C - Lent1 or Conviction1
February 14, 2016

You who live in the shelter of meaning,
   who abide in name of Beloved,
will say, “My refuge and my trustworthy partners
   are G*D and Neighb*r.”

Because you have made this commitment
   your place of engagement with everything else,
you will be able to hold steady 
   in the face of confusion.
These relationships will guard your journey
   through every stage of life.
You will be lifted through every sorrow
   and lift in return.
You will walk trustingly amid danger and
   honor each adversity as a teacher.
Your basic partnership will grow and grow,
   inviting new friends, even current enemies.
When pain comes visiting, your friends will gather round
   and send it on its way one more time.
In this way life will be deep, whether long or short;
   health will expand throughout.

- - - 

Hear echoes of this Psalm in Pete Seeger’s song, Old Devil Time:
     Pete Seeger

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