Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Exodus 34:29-35

Year C - Epiphany5/Transfiguration Sunday or Guiding Gift4/Mountain Top to Valley
February 7, 2016

O to be a conduit of relationship between G*D and Others. Imagine your face-to-face with G*D is no different than your face-to-face with all you meet. Is that enough of a proposition to chew on for now and probably tomorrow?

     Going to see G*D, let your face shine.
     Going to see Family and Friends, let your face shine.
     Going to meet an Enemy, let your face shine.
     Going to meet Yourself, let your face shine.

If you should see a shiny face, don’t presume a first order of business is to powder it (unless you are using a clown-sized powder puff). Such a face-full-of-shine might rather open our own.

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