Friday, August 03, 2007

Pentecost +10 Sunday – C4

Pentecost +10 Sunday – C4

Years C
Luke 12:13-21

Jesus tells a story intended to revive our thoughtfulness regarding life beyond simply our life. It reminds me of a phoenix rebirth. Having died from greed while still living we need a bit of mercy to revive our cold, cold heart.

This focus can be found in a song by Bill Staines (wish you could hear him sing it on his CD The First Million Miles or in person), entitled Phoenix (cursor down after getting to the link).

With this rebirthing mercy we find the epitaph "Fool" erased from our life marker, regardless of the form greed takes in our life - and it has, oh, so many faces.

= = = = = = =

["Nothing follows but the day
And all the memories
Of better times for giving.

Oh, Lord, have mercy on this poor, poor heart;
Keep it from the ashes,
And teach it how to fly again;
Oh, Lord, have mercy on this poor, poor heart."
- Bill Staines]

like hell
has an open door
we can exit
any time
at all

better times
for giving
such memories
see this better time
for giving

in the memory
find the mercy
available then
available now
available always
to rise again
from greedy ashes
to sing again

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