Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pentecost +13 Sunday – C1

Pentecost +13 Sunday – C1

Years C
Jeremiah 1:4-10 or Isaiah 58:9b-14

Here is an area I don't know much about. One chronology suggests this order for the writings: 1st Isaiah, Jeremiah, 2nd and 3rd Isaiah. Is there conversation to be had between Isaiah and Jeremiah as there was between Job and Proverbs?

Of interest is Jeremiah's boyhood diffidence and an immature or rigid appointment over nations. Can you hear Isaiah's age commenting on the yoke implied in Jeremiah and a call to Jeremiah to be just as a source of assurance rather than simply a speaker about justice.

Isaiah might be counseling the doing of justice over the proclamation of justice.

What conversation partners do you have?

= = = = = = =

speaking loudly
because god is speaking
through me for the ages
since before birth
to this day
I speak as commanded

such is the arrogance
of Jeremiah
and even each of us
such assurity
enough to destroy
before planting

such temper
calls for tempering
removing such a yoke
that requires such power
offering nothing in its place
but afflicted needs

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