Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pentecost +12 Sunday – C1

Pentecost +12 Sunday – C1

Years C
Isaiah 5:1-7 or Jeremiah 23:23-29

From the Fantasticks comes a wonderful little ditty, Plant a Radish, about planting cabbages and getting cabbages, with vegetables there's never any dobut, but with progeny all bets are off. This latter day parable might be sung to G*D in regard to having planted a vineyard and expecting a vineyard, only to have conveniently forgotten that we're dealing with human beings here, images/progeny -
["While with progeny,
It's hodge-podgenee.
For as soon as you think you know what kind you've got,
It's what they're not!"]

We don't do justice very well - either for ourself or, most certainly not, for others. The same goes for righteousness. Think back as far as creation stories or only as far as last evening to see what I mean.

Lighten up, G*D! Your expectations are just that, and unrealistic to boot. You have filled all secret places and have been present with the deceitful dreams of false prophets. If you are not going to turn us all into puppets (no long term fun in that because there would then be no audience to amaze) it is time to get real in real time. What do we do now is a far more fruitful question than what we should have done differently back then (though the diagnostics of historical inquiry can be helpful in energizing different choices). Blame is no where as helpful as, "Well, given this, where to from here."

= = = = = = =

things haven't gone
the way I expected
so I'm going
to rip and tear
that which I desired
I'll make it desolate
because that's what I am

so quick to pout
when discouraged
so fast to apply a vacuum
where nothing can exist
except huge amounts
of boredom
revenge and angst

in so recognizing
we name our creator
in whose image
we live and move
at least gasp and pine
how convenient for us

but a time has come
to be saviors of G*D
living and moving
today and onward
to have the student
teach the teacher
so all might learn

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