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Pentecost +11 Sunday – C2

Pentecost +11 Sunday – C2

Years C
Psalm 50:1-8, 22-23 or Psalm 33:12-22

A centering point of Psalm 50 is verse 14. Without it the beginning and the end fall apart. This center is "a feast of kept promises", "a 'sacrifice' of thanksgiving".

Just as a king is not saved by a great military (death comes to all), so a relationship with G*D is not saved by much spilling of blood. Rather, hope (more specifically, actually living in hope or having hope live in you) on the part of both G*D and you is the basis for the steadfast love toward which we seem to have a genetic predisposition.

Hope fulfilled is evidenced by kept promises and constant thankfulness.

= = = = = = =

o what a wrathful G-O-D
with all the emphases
upon purity separation
puppet obedience

what a joy and relief
if only one emphasis
was removed
and we dealt with G-O-D

and so much more
when one-by-one
such specialness
is sacrificed

G-O-D can still be steadfast
in love and distinction
even plain old G-O-D
has presence aplenty

eventually we might even
speak a title GOD
and leave room
for mystery G*D

and wonder of wonders
how far the wrath can be removed
when we find ourselves
moving to wholeness

dreaming of unity
with creative forces
we find we change
distance to welcome

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