Friday, August 10, 2007

Pentecost +11 Sunday – C4

Pentecost +11 Sunday – C4

Years C
Luke 12:32-40

It is G*D's pleasure to be present.

It is our pleasure to be present, without possessions.

Where your presence is, there is your heart's treasure.

Just as we can measure our faith by looking at our bank balance, check book, credit card statement, etc., so we can measure our faith by where we put our presence, where we are active, where we bring some light to a given subject.

Blessed are those alert to presence with them and their presence with others.

= = = = = = =

how long we wait
for a presence worth waiting for

how often we jump
at any presence that comes along

how do you do
still waiting or jumping

when the right presence is noted
there is a veritable feast

servers are served
the served take their turn

yin yang unity turns and turns
each in and out of the other

we're not there yet
rejoice in how far we've come

our waiting has borne fruit
enough to wait some more

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