Friday, September 25, 2009

of stumbling blocks

Pentecost +17 – Year B

of stumbling blocks

most amateur strewers of stumbling blocks
are unaware of their sowing
it is just the way life is
suck it up and deal with it
I stumbled, you stumble, we all will stumble

professional strewers
know a different picture
of a discipline of restraint
for them to advance
many must falter

healers, prayers, praisers
place warning signs
pick-up stumbling litter
give a hand up to stumblers
stumble themselves and confess their fall
set up professional strewer watches
raise consequence awareness of amateurs
remove millstones from necks and eyes
stumble again and rise again
see systemic patterns
kiss boo-boos and apply bandaids
yes, still stumble onward

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