Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Psalm 125

Pentecost +14 - Year B

Psalm 125

“Peace/well-being over Israel!” is a popular sentiment. It comes at the expense of doing away with a tension between those who trust in the Lord (good) and those who don’t (evil) by destroying evil. This sort of peace is a dream. Do you remember any group able to hold their purity over time? They either lose their focus and are caught in their own trap of identified sin or they are not sustainable and fade from view.

A problem arises regarding the way in which peace or well-being (shalom) comes into being and the projected end state. If trust can only be experienced as victory then trust has lost a key component - an uncertainty of outcome. Contrasting the breadth of trust with the narrowness of victory gives a background to some of the technical difficulties and discontinuities within the Psalm itself.

May it be well with Israel! and with every particular! as we work our way toward and beyond one another, rather than away from one another toward only our own.

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