Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psalm 26

Pentecost +18 - Year B

Psalm 26

An interesting shift in tense occurs from the beginning of the Psalm to its end. We begin with a claim upon G*D because of our past actions - (verse 1) “I have walked . . . .” By the end we move to the present - (verse 11) “I walk . . . .” and future (verse 12) “I will . . . .”

This is what we have to work with - remembrance of the past, decisions in the present, and consideration for the future.

Focus on these three will move us away from an unnecessary concern regarding vindication. Life will happen in all its joy and suffering, but we can take these in stride as we remember, decide, and plan. To throw vindication into the mix muddies our motivation and distracts our energies.

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