Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Psalm 1

Pentecost +16 - Year B

Psalm 1

This beatitude of a psalm looks at the choices in life’s journey and reflects that a choice that leads to greater rootedness in being open to new instructions by G*D is a far happier place to be than those who consider that they have a corner on decision-making and judgment.

Wisdom writings often have subtle environmental lessons to impart. Key images here are a tree deeply rooted by water that runs through it from root to leaf, bringing life (living water) from ground to sky, and chaff, the dryness when root is unable to hold the soil and life-giving humus is blown away. These images evince the result of journey choices.

The Wesley Study Bible notes that John Wesley understood the “righteousness” described here as right relationships, “holiness”. Blessings, beatitudes, come clear in choices that bind us closer together. The futility of going-it-alone leads to more and more loneliness, being blown off course under the guise of self-determination.

Drop your roots a bit deeper, honor and hold the soil around you, delight in paying attention, in being open, to new instructions found in the relationships of G*D and Neighbor that aid us in journeying together.

This dropping of roots actually allows greater exploration. Here is a Soft Edges offering by Jim Taylor on the blessing of being open to new instructions/possibilities/choices/relationships/“law”.

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