Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Psalm 19

Pentecost +15 - Year B

Psalm 19

A tent as a pit stop for the sun, as a staging area for a beloved, portrays safety, nurture, comfort, strength - a source of joy. Today in the South Dakota "Badlands" a strong wind blew through, dislodging stakes and scattering tent supports. Tent images are various.

Yes, who can detect their errors. One of its corollaries asks, "Who can detect the difficulties of the many systems they are in?"

We find ourselves caught between competing laws and values from the variety of systems we participate in (consciously or not). This Psalm is an attempt to discern one response that will cover a multitude of errors - personal and societal.

When we come upon such a meta-response we want to claim it glorious and holy. But not every situation requires a hammer or judgment. For the "hidden" faults still occurring we may simply need duct tape. Blessings upon your gift of naming what needs changing and your other gift of mercy beyond judgment.

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