Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Isaiah 2:1-5

Advent 1 - Year A
The mountain of the "Lord's House" shall be established as the highest. Either things are moving to Tibet/Nepal or some cataclysmic event will uplift the land of Israel (making it unfit for both Arab and Jew?).
Of more import than such literalistic playing, nations and peoples cowed or awed by such an event of power leads to a new kind of arbitration (not between two adversaries, but between the two and a mutually perceived greater need). In this setting, swords for blood can become plows for produce. War qua war becomes no longer possible. In psycho-social terminology, what meme is large enough to capture the imagination of fearful adversaries and lead them so see both their survival and well-being depends on agreeing to a larger vision?
Do your best to state clearly and concisely where common good resides. This is the high mountain that has been cloud-covered for too long. When it comes clear we can see we have been struggling over piddly, middling matters. Advent is a time of clarifying better goals and beginning to practice moving in their direction.

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