Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Psalm 122

Advent 1 - Year A
One taken; one left. This is a formula that begs for revision. In this Psalm the movement is from "I" to "we". This begins giving one hint about the intent of Advent - to move us from our divided, individualized lives to that of community.
This process moves from the first two verses of Psalm 122 to the last two. For community to be realized there needs to be an understanding of being joined with others for a common good of peace. For the sake of family (self), neighbors, and G*D we not only say "Peace" but seek the good upon which it is based. Words and actions need to come together.
One of the practices of Advent is that of tearing away the excuses we have cultivated that separate our words and intentions from our actions and results. When we have reduced our hypocrisy we will find that we are able to interchange "I" and "we", for to live for one is to act for the other.

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