Friday, November 12, 2010

not one stone

Pentecost +25 - Year C
still have some hope?
everything you see
will fall down
and not just lie there
but be buried
under sixty-six feet
of wind blown sand
still joyful over beauty?
false leaders
promising golden chickens
in every pot
and nary a chipped tooth
or cost to you
just vote them in
still on the full side of a half glass?
empires come
but mostly go
emptying their center
bursting their boundaries
still playing the Glad Game?
the very earth falls apart
cracks beneath
eruptions above
and bodies the same
has Dr. Pangloss prescribed for you?
betrayed by parents
say it isn't so
laughed at by siblings
say it isn't so
executed by friends
it seems so
now without hope?
and my beloved says
when I'm not living in hope
hope still lives in me
who can explain it
who can tell us why

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