Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Isaiah 65:17-25

Pentecost +25 - Year C
For what purpose was creation begun? Because G*D said so? To have people have dominion? That all might fall in order for a hero to redeem some of them ("believers")? Even G*D need a Galatea?
Note that a creation of new heavens and a new earth is all wrapped up in the creation of Jerusalem as a joy.
One might surmise that where joy is present new heavens (plural) and earth (singular) pop into being. Joy may be one thing that religion has a most difficult time with because of its obsession with G*D or ultimate authority. Religion needs great seriousness to approach such.
Joy here is defined as justice implemented.
  • No more weeping or distress - justice at work, joy results.
  • No preventable deaths, early or late - justice at work, joy results.
  • No homelessness or hunger for houses will be built and gardens tended - justice at work, joy results. 
  • No violence of stealing another's property - justice at work, joy results. 
  • No idle idleness for meaningful work is available - justice at work, joy results.
  • Labor will sustain one and all - justice at work, joy results.
  • A workable community and environment will build a holy mountain - justice at work, joy results.

So, as we close off the joy of a surprise at Pentecost, we might ask whether our joy quotient is higher than it was a year ago. If it is, we are building in a creative direction. If it is not, we are tearing something down. If we let things like an economy or wedge issue raise our anger, but not our joy, we have missed an important learning. G*D is about to create joy and invites us to be glad and rejoice sufficiently to join G*D in so creating.

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