Monday, November 22, 2010

Matthew 24:36-44

Advent 1 - Year A
 Whew! "Christ the King" Sunday came and went without King Christ coming on a cloud. It still holds: no one knows what time holds. One can claim "The Father" knows best or just knows, but even G*D seems to have a rather elastic sense of time (which takes some of the humor out of life, if timing is a key basis for humour).
Being swept away by flood isn't all that different from being swept off one's feet in an expansive and expanding love. We are disoriented and reoriented, all in one fell swoop.
It would appear that being captured by the Love of Jesus is not a universal. One catches it and one does not. Keep alert to the option of being captured by love rather than anger or irrelevancy. Help those around you to so keep alert. You can help one another with expectancy so when you run into expectancy fatigue, your friend can expect for you - and vice versa.
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If you are looking for a daily advent resource, you are welcome to consider the WUMFSA Advent Reflections for 2010.

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