Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ephesians 4:1-16

Pentecost +10 - Year B

“Make captivity a captive.” This reversal of fortune is key in every story worth the telling and hearing. It is the journey we are on toward some larger wholeness or maturity. It is a changed relationship to ourselves and the world around us that reveals a loyal opposition to our desires and social discrimination.

When we wrestle with that which holds us captive we discover gifts aplenty within that had been tamped down through self-censorship and peer pressure. Gifts here reveal our part in building up a context that will be healthy for others as well as ourselves.

It is these various gifts that we yearn for and eventually allow to come forth. Until they begin to bloom and blossom, we find our desires running away from our own better judgment and behaviors subject to all manner of crafty, deceitful scheming of others.

Without our gifts being engaged we continue to fall apart. With our gifts engaged in growing and maturing we are bound together, stronger.

Claim your gift and simply engage its implementation. In this we live our version of Jesus and other heroines and heroes.

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