Wednesday, August 01, 2012

2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a

Pentecost +10 - Year B

Regarding Bathsheba, what did David do that displeased G*D? The initial lust? The lying with? The lack of contraception? The plotting and lying to Uriah? The betrayal by instructing Joab? The waiting for an official mourning time to be up revealing hanky-panky before she came to David’s house?

Where along the way had David stolen Bathsheba from Uriah? What was the trigger point for G*D’s displeasure?

If it was the final straw of waiting so David’s behavior would be noticeable by others, how is that different than the covering up of abuse by clergy? If it was earlier, was G*D still hopeful that things could be put right - that David wouldn’t act on his lust? Would be discrete if he did? Would ’fess up if he did? Wouldn’t employ a final-solution? Would support a widow from afar? 

Where along the way would you have G*D send Nathan with a story of theft?

Did G*D really forgive David by killing a child instead - a sacrificial lamb, as it were? Wouldn’t you like to know the backstory to this face-saving by G*D - was it simply a royal promise that couldn’t be taken back to always support David? How many other children have been sacrificed by the church to save its face?

If this were April this could be tied to Child Abuse Month. Since it is not April, what has been going on in your setting that needs calling out?

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