Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ephesians 4:25-5:2

Pentecost +11 - Year B

We are members of one another. Where do you draw the line on that understanding?

We can affirm that part of being in solidarity with our “in group” is some form of integrity, not breaking our fealty with one another, no overt lying.

A hard question is what we cover over with personal niceness and social conventions regarding our various memberships? When we have multiple identities, we have multiple memberships and it can be amazing the knots that we get tied into when two or more of those memberships come together at the same time. Lies we wouldn’t tell one group if we were only with them, get told in a larger setting. We reveal our ranking of memberships.

With our members we can bank our anger and keep it from flaring. Our sins are manageable, confessable, redeemable. Otherwise, look out.

Can this care of one another cross such boundaries as we have put up between ourselves? Can we imitate G*D’s forgiveness with all of creation, or just our membership group? Can we even hear a challenge to expand our imitation of G*D to those who are strangers?

Hopefully G*D is defined by non-commercial love even when described by ultra-membership oriented reporters. And you?

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