Monday, August 06, 2012

John 6:35-51

Pentecost +11 - Year B

To be “bread of life” is a very strong image. It is self-image, not a claim to power. Note that this self-affirmation takes place within a context of others who have experienced Jesus but don’t get all that he is about - they haven’t yet claimed their own sense of also being “bread of life”.

To understand that we won’t lose anything is a statement of faith, not a claim to power over others.

At best we can say that self-identity is wrapped up with eternities. Our sense of meaning is extendable.

“Bread of life” is not something to vote upon or to disparage. It is motivation to act, not a guarantee of position. There is no taking away what is so deeply understood.

This is not about being a singularity to which all is drawn, but a whole constellation or solar system of “bread of life” loci.

We have eternal life when we claim “bread of life” as our experience. Eternity is not belief in someone else’s sense of “bread of life”, but our own.

What is “bread of life”? - it is freedom to walk away from enslavement. Death is not the measuring spot here for even Jesus died. “Bread of life”? - simply our meaning and enactment, enfleshment of internally-fed authority.

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