Monday, July 30, 2012

John 6:24-35

Pentecost +10 - Year B

Attend to G*D. 

Not while survival ranks so high.

So there we have it, a basic choice or non-choice.

Is G*D not all about survival. G*D will go as far as resurrection, a second incarnation. And undoubtedly a third and fourth and so on. Choose with G*D to survive. Now, of course, we will have to define survival. How tied up with meaning is it?

Those confronted by Jesus got a twinkle in their eye after hearing about this part of G*D. So what is needful for survival, for the work of G*D?

And the non-response one might expect if a moment’s reflection was available — Trust me.

OK, comes the reasonable response to this non-response — So can we trust you for more bread, daily?

Sure, says the koanist — I’m bread and drink aplenty.

So there you are. scratching your head and thinking and pondering all the day long — This world needs a life implant : I’m here in the world : can I trust that I am also sustenance and refreshment?

Having been fed, incarnated for the umpteenth time, I feed. This is not less than — I think, therefore I am or any other search for meaning.

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