Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19

Pentecost +7 - Year B

In temporary lives in a temporary universe, we find it comforting to point at some eternals. An Ark-of-G*D is invested with such a characteristic. A new cart (technology) may be constructed, but it is for the carrying of an old god. In the end this is not any better than trying to put new wine into an old wineskin. Eventually the Ark is misplaced, forgotten again. And again.

For now there is blood aplenty. There is Uzzah’s death for touching the ark and knowing it to be acacia wood (temporary) [elided section]. There is the death of an ox and a fatling (or 7 as per 1 Chronicles 15:26 or 70 or 100s), unnamed and temporary, in anticipation of placating further G*D-anger against even David (also temporary).

Bringing an Ark to Jerusalem has the feel of later rulers playing the bread and circus card to distract folks from an unmediated experience of radical temporariness that has about it a universal quality and thus an eternal quality.

Most ironic, this moving Ark o’G*D intended to be with the people on their way is now safely esconced in Jerusalem and “the people went back to their homes” rather than continue on a larger journey. They settled for temporary in the present of eternity. How does that speak to the church of today? To you?

With what dignity, fear, and élan are you bringing your experience of the universe into the specific and temporary time and space where you are?

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