Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ephesians 3:14-21

Pentecost +9 - Year B

Fullness of G*D. To know “love” is to experience this fullness. Rooted and grounded saints that your are, may you know fullness as the breadth and length and height and depth of “love”. 

In our Hebrew heritage, fullness connects with plants ready for the harvest, that have reached maturity, and is the basis on which tithes and offerings are made - out of what we have not what we don’t have access to. Abundance overflows and we are to let it flow, not store it in a larger barn. We respond to fullness with thanks and sharing.

From our Greek tradition, fullness also speaks of the quality of gifts given or yearnings arrived at. So questions arise about what it is we are putting in as fill. Is it empty calories or sand instead of top-soil? What is the vision you have been working on for years that carries sufficient hope beyond your lifetime? Being thus filled is satisfying and engaging.

Whether thankful or satisfied do note how far you have come toward being a filling presence, mature in nutrients for a next generation. Also note how that was not just hard work and perseverance, but growth within soil prepared by those who have gone before. Fullness is fullness for all and by all - when in the course of human events it becomes possible for people to reconnect what had been dissolved by will for strict independence, declare the cause for being bound together: great fullness received and shared.

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