Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Psalm 14

Pentecost +9 - Year B

Position One: No one does good. All have gone astray.

Position Two: There is a company of the righteous — the poor.

Position Three: The fortune of the poor/Jacob/Israel will be restored, goodness restored.

This sounds like a good deal for the now poor. They will receive from those who have devoured them economically. They will switch places.

Now the tricky question, will the newly poor, those previous rascals, ’fess up that they weren’t good partners but now they will be? Further, will G*D and the former poor welcome them back to a journey of freedom (deliverance, if you will)?

Jesus has had a revival, David will soon be rebounding, why shouldn’t today’s breakers of community for their own profit also be restored. Victims we will always have with us. What then is the work of restoration with such a moveable target as former o’erseers and the poor now reversed? Stay nimble, my friend, that all might know safety and sufficiency.

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