Monday, July 02, 2012

Mark 6:1-13

Pentecost +6 - Year B

Pentecost question: Where did that wind come from?

Is it from out there somewhere or from in here? Is it Jesus or what others are claiming about him? Did we blink our eyes or is this person the same we have known since Joseph and Mary came back from their “census” vacation?

What does it mean that he did no “deed of power” in his hometown? Healings were accomplished, but no deed of power? Obviously there is a distinction to be made between curing and power.

Presumably power has to do with teaching, with revelation that we are not at a spot we would wish to be at - hence a need for repentance to move a bit closer to our desire.

Presumably the disciples did deeds of power after they taught repentance, named blockages (demons), and anointed as a vehicle for healing.

Peterson names the short-hand of “repentance” as a joyful urgency that life can be radically different. Those predisposed to the process of church seem to be better able to hear the judgment of “repent!” than the beckoning of “joyful urgency”. Translating "urgency" as "!", the one word response to Repent! is Joy!

As long as the repenters hold sway within the institution, it will roll along, eventually slowing down, and stopping. Perhaps we need to read this pericope again from the perspective of Jesus coming to your local “Christian” congregation where he should be known from conception to resurrection as a doer of power and those within the church know him so well that they are able to dismiss any thought or deed outside their current knowledge of Jesus. Congregants have become immune to surprise - a great judgment upon pastors - so take to the road with whomever will travel.

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