Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Psalm 48

Pentecost +6 - Year B

So far this week it is Jerusalem 2: Nazareth 1. This is where the power lies and thus the story. 

Regarding power there is positive power with Jerusalem and negative power at Nazareth. There is the power to build up and the power to tear down. Either way power is power.

Jerusalem is forever while Nazareth may have a moment or two.

It is really no contest between Jerusalem and Nazareth.

Now, expand this past geography to metaphor and mind-set. Where would you rather live? — Jerusalem, where G*D is? Nazareth, where Jesus isn’t? Are you not already living there, regardless of where you are physically?

Power and protection, what could be better? Culturally we are fated to adore Jerusalem and to scorn Nazareth. Religiously it is a toss-up. Pentecostally we will hear the wind more quickly in closed-in Nazareth.

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