Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ephesians 2:11-22

Pentecost +8 - Year B

Remember your roots. John was grounded in the prophets and stayed with that unto death. David was grounded in common work but lost his footing as he gained power. Folks at Ephesus were rooted in being Gentiles. A question comes — how will they continue or betray their heritage?

If a dividing wall of Gentile//not-Gentile has been broken down, wherein is the advantage to one or the other to win a battle between them? Are they now a new people that can identify with both sides of a previous divide and also partner together to address additional walls between folk in other groups and further divisions within their new identity.

Overcoming a religious difference does not automatically translate to divisions of power, privilege, and property. Remember the Greek widows back in Acts.

If both are to live in peace — peace far and wide as well as far and near (wouldn’t Sesame Street like to do both of these descriptors at the same time) — the subtle distinctions that grow from previous discriminations and prejudices will have to be corrected, time and again.

In places where it is not yet possible to bridge divides with Jesus, what other structural changes would be helpful and necessary to basic common thriving? Perhaps dealing with eduction or wealth inequities comes before the philosophic/religious divides. We can act our way into peace as well as peaceably act.

Remember your roots. Know your present reality and choices. Anticipate a new humanity.

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