Friday, July 13, 2012

heading into the wind

Pentecost +7 - Year B

does nothing stay dead?
Baptizer John
good ol’ Headless
pops up

one of the reasons G*D
hates adultery so
is that was G*D’s sin
in the Garden
flinging the day away

wherever a partnership contract
becomes hierarchical
some John-ian
names it

the thrill of guilt
is oddly attractive
to those against whom
a prophetic pronouncement
is employed

offing the prophet
doesn’t help Herod
it universalizes
the internal dissonance
and Jesus becomes John

from the grave
headless prophets
rise searching
for a next voice

now there’s a zombie story
with all the thrill
of live danger
with no stunt folk
to take the fall

a cosmic and comic
question comes echoing
will you lose your head
speak truth to power
and re-head John

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