Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 Corinthians 12:12-31a

Epiphany 3 - Year C

Some like to talk about “Christ” as a focus of unity. All the various gifts come together in baptism in Jesus’ name. There is no casting out one gift, one human identity. All are one in Christ. Other traditions name other organizational models of unity. 

Wherever one falls on the hierarchy of apostles to tongue talkers, followers of a unity based on “Christ” follow one who claimed an even older vision as his job description. So, religious conservatives and liberals and nones, as wonderful as your speculations might be, how are you doing with the poor. Talking about them or living among and as a poor person does? What excuses of working “for” them from a distance are you using? How are you doing with those who are captive in any number of ways from political exiles to the drug addicted to those bound by their culture to those whose brains are wired differently than most to __________? How are you doing with other engagements with the realities of class differences and other ways we divide people out of community?

Regardless of theology, how do the hungry and thirsty fare when you are around? If they are no better off, “Christ” is not your unity. Is this or is this not the year to actually make a move toward activating a gift of greater connection to undergird and organize your specific set of gifts (yes, your entire constellation of gifts, not just a biggie of a limited list). This scripture passage is not for diagnostic purposes but a call to action. If you take a spiritual gifts inventory and identify your key gift, but have not joined it with the gifts of others for the common good of all, you are a prideful gong tooting your own horn and not caring a whit about mixed metaphors much less continuing a creation of community.

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