Monday, January 14, 2013

John 2:1-11

Epiphany 2 - Year C

Jesus meets his disciples as one follower brings another to experience what they have witnessed. A short while after (a proverbial three days) this new band is invited to a wedding and Mary has her last recorded words, “Do whatever he tells you.”

What Jesus says is, “Belovedness is everywhere.” Water was turned to Baptism; Water is now turned into Wine. Just so suddenly are two primary sacraments presented in John.

In the beginning was belovedness.
All things are made through belovedness.
Light and John and Baptism and Disciples and Wine, all belovedly made.

  • Missing a light at the end of your tunnel? Look for belovedness here and now.
  • Wondering about your identity? Humbly proclaim more is already here.
  • On a quest for meaning? It is nearer than breath, ready to be revealed.
  • Lacking community? See more in others than they see in themselves and risk having more seen in you than you can now see.
  • Feeling a deficit of resources? Our fear of scarcity is self-imposed, when sharing occurs wine freely flows.

These matters are revealed to servants, not stewards/masters. This is not a miraculous sign or wonder. It is a simple picture of how the world can work when our desire is for experiences of shared belovedness. Who needs hope, identity, meaning, community, resources in this day? Someone in your family, neighborhood, political boundary, elsewhere on this beautiful blue dot in an immense universe, or yourself?

Good wine is for now. Cheers!

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