Monday, January 28, 2013

Luke 4:21-30

Epiphany 4 - Year C

—> Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.

Well, who asked scripture to have a bearing  on life? If this is what we are being called to do, we are not willing to engage. We would be willing to pay for you to share with us gracious words that apply to those who are not present. We are not willing to have ourselves revealed to ourselves. As a result, after due consideration, it is apparent that the only appropriate response available to us is that of rage. So let us help you to the edge of town where you might accidentally be jostled over the platform edge and onto the third-rail of rocks below.

Such a technocratic response has and continues to go on. Self-justified rage and rational final-solutions are happening everyday. This emphasis upon advantage weakens our common bond, day-by-day, until there is nothing left but butter at the base of a tree.

—> Today your hearing fills scripture anew.

An alternative to dragging the past into the present and projecting it into the future as ordained for all time, is to listen again without the ears of accumulated prejudice. If we were to hear that prophets, categorically, are not accepted, we might begin to listen beyond the status quo. Prophets are by their nature of the people they wrestle with. And, even though of the people, stand beyond them as their vision is of a yet-hidden door or crack in a wall that is unguarded by the principalities that have risen to power. With this vision a choice needs to be made about willfully sitting in our own mess or moving on.

If you are interested in pondering this further it might be asked what will cut the Gordian knot found in Kafka’s Door of the Law or what kinetic force holds together the light and the dark, the being touched by the world or the touching of it. Both of these videos are too long for such a condensed blog as this, but so it is today.

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