Monday, January 21, 2013

Luke 4:14-21

Epiphany 3 - Year C

If we just followed the lectionary it would be easy to mistake the setting here to be that of following a wedding in Cana with new wine. Rather this pericope follows a temptation scene in the wilderness.

This is not a significant difference as everything is connected to everything, but it might be asked if it makes a difference if one’s authority is based on a sign such as turning water to wine or a sign of not turning stones to bread? If there is not much difference then Mary can be seen as every bit a tempter at Cana. It is probably good practice to ask where a temptation is sneaking into every situation. This doesn’t mean we will be up to resistance (re: Satan) or compliance (re: Mary). But asking does increase the odds of recognizing a temptation and deciding to follow or not.

Regarding the affirmation Isaiah and Jesus and You and I can make about where we are headed — this often comes after a time of clarifying what we are not going to go. A culling of a variety of powers and privileges lends authority to our organizing principles.

It is instructive to consider what is tempting you from engaging with poor (presence is good news) or those captivated or blinded by one idol or another. It is likewise helpful to add advocacy to presence to move proclamation to action so symbolic oppressed might actually be freedom and the favor of belovedness might be experienced. Odds are our blockage is either accommodation to cultural norms or the fear of losing something felt to be an entitlement (place/class/etc.).

May your job description shine brightly and be a gift where you are.

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