Saturday, January 05, 2013

stars and dust

Epiphany - Year C

we look and squint and peer
ahead and around
trying to spot tomorrow

all too often we project today
in and out and about
until new is only repeated old

Magi point a difficult way
over hill and dale
testing hypothesis and theory

connecting stars with power
upstairs and down
we see change but don’t

in a royal setting royalty is 
over and again
king can only beget king

when at first we don’t succeed
ever and anon
we read our tea leaves another time

if continuation is not the only story
now and then
dare we risk an alternative

deeper than crowned privilege
through and through
soul rises like persistent grass

starshine twinkles until we smile
off and on and on and off
our star stops here

gifts are divested and invested
each and every
to build another road

dust off your inner-Magus
abra and kadabra
live for the joy of a better way

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