Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Exodus 17:1-7

Year A - Third Sunday in Lent or Conviction [3]
March 23, 2014

Hmm, G*D set them/us up again.

  • The Israelites journeyed by stages (way stops, not wild-west conveyance).
  • as the Lord commanded.
  • They camped at Rephidim,
  • but there was no water.

Of course an argument ensued with Moses, as close as folks could get to G*D. Note the parallelism— why quarrel with me? why test the Lord? 

Finally a delineation—Moses cried out to the Lord to save his own skin. We are so easily persuaded to speak for G*D; so desirous to be identified as G*D by others. Until finally the cost is too great.

Eventually the famous plague stick is used. Out comes water and a Chance Card that says: “Go directly to death—Do not pass Jericho, do not collect a Promised Land”

So is G*D still with you when you find yourself at a dry place in your life? Whether planned or not, how do you engage a dry night of your soul? Complain? Blame? Act? Does G*D plan lives? If so you better be ready for a Rephidim or three along the way. Think about that now rather than just reacting in the moment. Hopefully this will change your response whenever you are so tired you can’t reach out for a drink on your own.

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