Thursday, March 20, 2014

Romans 5:1-11

Year A - Third Sunday in Lent or Conviction [3]
March 23, 2014

Ready to die for Jesus? Is this your crusade call, “Die for Jesus!”? Meaning what I do and what I do to you.

Ready to have someone else die because they aren’t ready to die for Jesus? Yes, crusades of all shapes and sizes are still going on, “You don’t die for Jesus like I die for Jesus so you will have to die.” Justifying brains are a wonder to behold.

Do you think this is the message Photina took to her storybook village?

Do you think that her message might have more to do with reconciliation. A woman with five “husbands” might know a bit about reconciliation that would ring true on the telling of it. The experience of assurance (experienced reconciliation) is one of the most powerful motivators in a person’s life. It can even trump the accumulated prejudices of a whole community. This kind of assurance goes even further, into all the feared deficits of a life poorly lived to reframe the story of a life. 

May the story of your life echo in the lives of others and theirs in you.

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