Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7

Year A - First Sunday in Lent or Conviction [1]
March 9, 2014

Whether one is in a wilderness or a garden, temptations arise. Temptations intentional and simply opportune arise.

It doesn’t take any craft at all to present a temptation. It may make the temptation easier to fall prey to, but the basic dynamic of temptation doesn’t really change according to the finesse with which it arrives.

At best we learn from our responses to past temptations, when finally our eyes are opened. It helps to have a community of Neighb*rs so we can assist one another into the realization that we got caught and we can begin the process of repairing the breech in community we widened.

Here in Genesis, G*D comes visiting. In Matthew, angels attend. Note that temptations and a response to them are never the end of the story. Blessing is the background against which a temptation must be viewed. Then we know we are not defined by a transgression. It is important, but a blip against the field of blessing still available.

Our Lenten Journey to a grave of absence, whether we acknowledge it or not, takes place on the surface of everyday choices and their companion, a mystery of resurrection.

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