Monday, March 24, 2014

Luke 1:26-38

Year A - Annunciation or Creation’s Conception
March 25, 2014

Scene 1: Good ol’ sweet-talkin’ Gabriel. His backseat of the car patter wasn’t quite believable until Mary’s hormones kicked in. At this point there is no turning back and, “Let it be”, becomes an imperative.

Scene 2: Powerful Gabriel has never taken “No” for an answer. He is god’s-gift to women. After favoring Mary with his mere presence, it isn’t long before he has a hand over her mouth and with a grunt says, “Don’t yell, you’ll thank me later...God...O, God!”

Scene 3: Accountant Gabriel is present to make the trains run on time. Following instructions from the next level up, Gabriel visits Nazareth (or was it Bethlehem as Matthew reported?). He has an explanation for everything. There is no discrepancy. Nothing is impossible if we just cooperate with The Plan.

Scene 4: How would you describe this scene. Remember that in ancient of days March 25th was honored as creation’s birthday. Was there or was there not a big “Bang”? To keep things nicely tied up, the New Creation, of course, would be conceived then and be revealed nine-months-to-the-day later, December 25th. Or was it the other way around and Jesus really was born in the Spring as a goodly number of scholars suggest?

O the post hoc, ergo propter hoc stories we tell ourselves to reduce tension and thinking.

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