Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Year A - Second Sunday in Lent or Conviction [2]
March 16, 2014


“You, Abram, don’t know me. I’m a G*D beyond—beyond your present Babel-scattered tribes; beyond your present experience base; beyond, well, simply beyond. So—arise from sleep and follow where you know not where. You will be a germinated seed around which the scattered are reorganized.”

“I, Abram, say, ‘Huh?’”

“OK, Abram, here’s what’s in it for you. You get in on the ground floor of the building of a great nation that will greatly honor you for your spiritual entrepreneurship. This means you will have control over the rest, to bless it or curse them depending on whether you feel they are blessing or cursing you.”

“Ahh,” says Abram, “I’m in.”

This has the feel to it of the beginning of any adventure. Perhaps a third start will be the charm—Adam (Eden), Noah (Ararat), Abram (Haran). Perhaps more starts will come. Who's next? Joseph (Egypt)? Moses (Horeb)? Mary (Nazareth/Bethlehem)? Saul/Paul (Damascus)? Muhammad (Mt. Hira/Mecca)? Luther (Germany), Wesley (England)? “Your Name Here” (Wherever You Are)?

Call and Response—A story ever new. Listen. Enjoy the ride.

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