Thursday, August 27, 2015

James 1:17-27

Year B - Pentecost +14 or Energy to Witness 14
August 30, 2015

Again we run into the infamous dualism that never resolves into a manageable paradox/polarity or movable continuum. Forever-and-a-day, it seems, we are caught with “evil intentions” arising from inside our human heart and every “generous act” emanating from a static point above. 

Our will is but to fight or to embrace these contestants. We sift and winnow these competing values knowing a bit of both are always present for we cannot live without our heart or only as a puppet.

Stand and choose your percentage of evil or generosity (have you paired these before?) in your next volitional relationship. This is your liberty.

In this model everything is “stained by the world”. Yes, even care for orphans and widows. Stained or not, such care can yet go on for even a mere tithe (10%) of whole care—a portion is better than none? [Note: our “evil heart” would see value here for it would allow another handout tomorrow by which to feel better about ourself.] Stained or not, such care can be completed. [Note: our “evil heart” could see value here as any warmth of heart could begin to bend the remaining coldness elseways.]

Bottom line: What is the best opportunity available to me to care from 1-to-all orphans and widows in either their metaphoric or all too real every-day life. [Note: this generosity is not as much material as a reordering of community life.]

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Blessings on your work.

Thought this article might trigger a remembrance (moving from background to foreground) of the formative realities the beginning of the industrial revolution had on the Wesleyan movement. Are we currently overbalanced toward piety in a latest revolution looking for mercy?

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