Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9

Year B - Pentecost +14 or Energy to Witness 14
August 30, 2015

Indeed, our heart overflows with a theme of goodly intention. We desire to connect both truth and beauty with G*D and our current leader for that will keep them both busy and not disrupting our lives. Go King/Pharaoh/F├╝hrer/President! Go G*D!

Even as we don’t trust power for we have much evidence that it goes its on way regardless of who is in the cat-bird seat, we still desire power to be well used for our purposes.

That this revision of the Psalm rings false is fairly clear in its attempt to bolster the passivity of women by grouping them as political pawns to be decorated in booty—to have their very booty to be booty2.

If this pericope had gone on one more stanza we would have heard, “forget your people”. Is not the power to make a captive an excellent example of Jesus’ affirmation regarding “evil intentions” arising within our boundaries—always finding that individual or group we will misrepresent as less than “us” and do all manner of institutional evil against them (thus excusing our own silence and participation in the privilege of unacknowledged power).

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