Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Psalm 111

Year B - Pentecost +12 or Energy to Witness 12
August 16, 2015

Presume a partnership between G*D and you. Now it becomes relatively easy to recast this psalm in terms of your own work in the world, your own presence.

G*D gives thanks when I engage a larger congregation than just the “upright”.

What I do is done in the context of giving honor and majesty to the poor who have misplaced their basic blessedness.

Mindful of my covenant with G*D, I provide food for the hungry.

Trusting a covenant with G*D deepens my own trust in being faithful simply to be faithful.

It is awesome to be a vehicle of renewal.

In partnership we join hands to learn more. It is practicing partnership that is the beginning of further wisdom, and still further wisdom.

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