Monday, August 03, 2015

John 6:35, 41-51

Year B - Pentecost +11 or Energy to Witness 11
August 9, 2015

John 6:35, 41-51

What we know is all there is to know! So runs the word of institutional power, regardless of the culture. To allow more to be known is to put one’s privilege at risk.

Misquoting or mischaracterizing are two techniques as old as the first human/snake encounter. Speaking with a forked tongue is a way of keeping new information at bay. We give it faint enough praise that it is never investigated or we bring out all the guns of house arrest and legal murder.

In between ignoring and suppression is belittling and Argumentum ad hominem.

About the only position left is, “This is not about you.” Whether folks like it or not, new information is new information. It will rise and fall of its own accord, not because it is liked or not liked by some sub-set of preference.

It becomes unfortunate when a response tries to best the resistance to it by making claims that ultimately can’t be backed up. To posit a faith statement is not to have proved or disproved anything.

What seems truest in Jesus’ response is his last line, “What I have to offer is my life. Come, Look, Respond.”

Every form of church essentially claims that it holds the key to sustaining life eternally or meaningfully. There is nothing but lives currently lived to see how they are living to back up their claim. Some will find in one of them a way, truth, and increased value in living. Others will not, but find their energy enhanced in another. This saying is not just a dividing line between religions, but within each. Have you seen Buddhist fighting Buddhist for control of a temple? Sunni fighting Shia for political and military control? Progressive and Evangelical Christians vying to be in charge of a denomination? Wiccan’s arguing over which coven is the truest?

Ultimately each dispute comes down to giving our life for life. In looking back we can see where our bets were well placed and where we erred. Looking forward is much more difficult. It is with humility that we open our eyes and hearts as wide as possible and invest in that which will bring the greatest return for any born three to seven generations down the line. May they look back and be thankful we assisted them so well.

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